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Once again, we're taking a look at the best games to hit the App Store in the past week. We're highlighting a horrific game making its way from the console and PC, a classic board game going digital, and more.

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Our roundup of the best apps to arrive this week include a kid-focused way to listen to Spotify, a full-featured recipe app, and more. These are apps that will keep you entertained right where you're most comfortable -- your own living room.

Find out more about the two newest games available on the game subscription service. If the future of television is apps, then these apps are the future of channels. Cutting the cord has never felt so good. The upcoming sequel takes the title character and his unique brand of point-and-click gameplay into the infamous Kowloon Walled City. The mobile version of the popular PC and console game features a number of iconic faces from horror franchises.

You can pre-order the new iPhone starting on Friday. The great app offers more than different types of dynamic stationary to use. Learn a new language and communicate better, anytime, anywhere, with these terrific apps. The keyboard with built-in trackpad was originally announced in March. Space is truly the final frontier.

Explore our planet and what's beyond on the Apple TV. Send the perfect greeting for any occasion. These apps give you some great options. Looking to dive into Apple Arcade?

We're highlighting some of the best games you should download first. While you need to create an account, no credit card is required.

The app allows you to send messages to close friends with just a tap. Looking to capture some great photos? Take a look at some of the best photo apps for your iPhone. We're taking a closer look at how to wreak havoc fun new casual game.

Whether you're a seasoned investor or just getting started, these investment apps will help. From news apps to simulation tools, we've got you covered. Take a look at this fun new game that's sure to keep you entertained. Woven wants to make scheduling easier by integrating all of your existing calendars into one.

The tracker uses machine learning in iOS 13 and watchOS 6 to better understand your sleep habits.

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Put away the paper cookbooks and check out these helpful and inspiring cooking apps for Apple TV. Night Mode. Font Size.The default video player on the iPad can only do so much.

Look around, and you see countless iPad video players. Some of them, users say, is the best. Some are good.

a4 player app ios

Some are so-so. When it comes to watching movies or playing music on your iPad, you need some extraordinary media players to deliver the best! And PlayerXtreme seems to be the one. Most interestingly, the latest version of the app supports the streaming of files larger than 4GB too.

It plays the files from your emails too. Price: Free Download. Infuse three bridges the gap between iTunes and your other content. The user interface of the app is more eye-catching compared to other video players.

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Like all others, Infuse three supports almost all kind of video formats. The app is free, but you can upgrade to pro version to get additional features. When it comes to playing videos without any quality loss, Max Player HD ranks pretty high. One of my favorite features of this app is the ability to organize videos using folders. VLC is one of the widely used media players on Mac, desktops, mobile, and tablets.

It is available for free for iPad as well. The best part about it is its user-friendly interface. The VLC player supports almost all video formats. There are tons of other features, so give it a try and download it. KMPlayer has been downloaded by more than million people worldwide. The app also supports touch gestures to skip, fast forward, or rewind your video file. It is also useful to increase or decrease the volume. There is no need for in-app purchase, and this is what tempts us to download.Account Options Sign in.

Top charts.

a4 player app ios

New releases. Add to Wishlist. Duel your friends in a variety of 4 player minigames using simple one touch controls! Play simultaneously on the same device for multiplayer action on the road, wherever you are. You can play with two players but if you have more friends or family around you can battle it out with three or four players. You can also play the 4 Player Cup to determine who is the best! Try to corner your opponent and be the last one standing in the arena! Skateboard Racing Tap as fast as you can to reach the finishline.

Tank Battle Duel each other on the battlefield. Grab the Fish Test your timing skills and be the first to grab 3 goldfish! Soccer Challenge Who has the soccer skills to score a goal in one touch soccer?

Sumo Wrestling Fight your opponent in the sumo wrestling arena.

Top 10 Best Offline iPhone Music Player Apps in 2019

Chicken Run Avoid falling off the platforms by using gravity. Rally Drifters Be the quickest driver on the sandy tracks to complete 3 laps. Micro Speed Racers Avoid obstacles in this formula racing game and go around the corners as fast as you can!

Feed the Pigeon Use your slingshot to shoot bread crumbs into the pigeon's mouth. Credits: Sumo stage music by Jobro "Taiko drums". Reviews Review Policy. Score 1 point for collecting a star and 1 point for every snake that you destroy. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. See more. Stickman Party: 1 2 3 4 Player Games Free.PlayerXtreme is a video player worthy of the elegant iPad.

Highly recommended.! Hidden folders are not visible to guest users. Truely the best iDevices VideoPlayer everTried many apps before but trust me this is the Best in the business. PlayerXtreme can handle just about any file format you throw at it, which means that it can easily become your main video player without much effort. It does just about everything you need a video player to do: you can create playlists, add your own subtitle files, play audio in the background, play files from a variety of sources, and customize playback in tons of ways.

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PlayerXtreme also makes it easy to transfer files from your computer to your iOS device using a ton of different methods. PlayerXtreme will automatically search your local network for shared folders, where it can then download or stream any video files it finds. Basically, it is one of the most versatile video players I have ever seen. It detects a movie and loads every information needed-from actors to subtitles. Really creep me out.

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So, a google-know-it-all player that supports any format you throw at it and neatly arranges them into your preference. My only gripe is that you cannot hide the settings bar when you tap the screen to see how much time is left. So to anyone, like me, who reads the long reviews even just to download a free app, just go fir it. To the developers, take care of the bar and you will deserve that extra star that you deserve.

This is probably the best app for video files but I have noticed an issue since the last update. I play usually MP4,mkv,avi format movies and all of them work amazingly well on this player. However since the last update I noticed that the video abruptly stops and hangs. My iPad gets into lock mode and when I unlock it the video is paused and I need to replay it. It couldn't be an issue with the file format or encoding since this has happened with files from different sources.

Also some of the files that were playing earlier without any issue are now pausing. Please look into it. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Apple TV. Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled. Description PlayerXtreme is a video player worthy of the elegant iPad. Ratings and Reviews See All.One of the best functions of the iPhone is that it can be used as a music player.

With all of the apps to choose from for playing music, it can get a little confusing, though. Some of the music you transfer to iPhone may not be played with the default music player iPhone. Like any other kind of app, music players iPhone can be downloaded both for free and for pay. Actually, you don't need to install a third-party music player on your iPhone. If you transfer you wanted songs into iPhone in the right way, you can enjoy the music in Music app. You can use iTunes, but have you noticed that old music on your iPhone will be deleted as well.

You will lose music which not purchased from iTunes. However, as a top music transfer tool, iMyFone iPhone Transfer do whatever you want to transfer music to iPhone without data loss. Step 2: When TunesMate detects your device, go to Music tab. Then Open to let it transfer the selected songs to your iPhone. As the top 1 free iPhone music player, it can play so many kinds of files and you have a lot of different options.

It also lets you manage your music, which is a nice plus.

a4 player app ios

If you want to listen to streaming music like you would on a radio station, this is Apple's music player app for that. Just set iTunes default music player on your iPhone. Of course, Pandora has a long reputations as one of the best streaming players out there. It is similar to iTunes Radio, but has been around for much longer.

It is very good at recommending music that you will like, but the ads may get on your nerves after awhile. Luckily, just like iTunes Radio, you can pay to listen ad-free. Musio allows you to use convenient gestures to control the app, just as you might on other built-in apps on the iPhone. It is simple and efficient, and you can add songs to your playlist by swiping. The biggest con to this app though is that you need to pay for the premium version to add songs to your queue.

Another streaming music player iPhone, you can listen to all your favorites at will with spotify. You can listen to music, podcasts, and watch music videos. Like a lot of apps, to access better features, you will have to pay, though the app itself is free. Here are the top 5 iOS music players apps:.

Ecoute music player iPhone is listed first because it can play so many kinds of files and you have a lot of different options. This is a great music player iPhone that allows you to easily navigate its interface by using gestures. This is a great iPhone music player that allows you to easily navigate its interface by using gestures.

Groove is a best music player iPhone that can make playlists from your library and suggests music based on what you seem to like.

It comes with cloud space that you can store your music in, though you can listen to music on your iPhone offline as well. It comes with a radio function, a gesture interface, and an equalizer built in, as well as a sharing function.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Hello Neighbor tinyBuild Adventure. Add to Wishlist. Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game about sneaking into your neighbor's house to figure out what horrible secrets he's hiding in the basement.

You play against an advanced AI that learns from your every move. Really enjoying climbing through that backyard window? Expect a bear trap there. Sneaking through the front door? There'll be cameras there soon. Trying to escape? The Neighbor will find a shortcut and catch you. Reviews Review Policy. Appodeal fix. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. More by tinyBuild See more. Totally Reliable Delivery Service.The players may either fight as a solo member or in a small group with the winner being the last man alive.

The success of the game led to the development of many other similar battle royale games one popularly being Fortnite. The game is free to download from Google Play Store for Android. The Tencent also released a lite version of the game for the smartphones with mid-range specs.

According to the latest media reports, every day over 20 million players hookup to the game making PUBG most popular and successful online multiplayer game to be ever developed. If you wish to play the game on your Windows or Mac PC than today in this post I will give you complete details on ways by which you can enjoy the popular battle royale on your computer or laptop.

There is no direct App for Windows but Tencent have developed an emulator specifically for Windows. And for Mac, you need to workaround to get access to the game. I will detail all the important information below.

Though there is a PC version of PUBG, it is paid therefore an emulator is a very good option to play the game for free. If you want to carry over your progress from your mobile device, log in using the same Facebook account on both platforms. Download Tencent Gaming Buddy Free. The game is played on the GeForce server, while your computer serves as a monitor.

So, the processing and graphics handling is done by the servers itself and you just have to control the game on the screen. Thus reducing the load on the hardware of your Mac.

Top 10 Best Offline iPhone Music Player Apps in 2019

All you need a very good internet speed and everything is controlled servers. If everything is done right, you will be playing the game with all the opponents with the sole aim to stand tall by the end. The Emulator is designed with the only motive for playing games. Nox6 can handle high FPS games without any clutter and supports keypad, gamepad and scripts. Though it may take some time for you to get acquainted with the controls, once you get along with it, Nox Player would turn out to be the best place to play the PUBG on Windows or Mac.

You can customise the controls in the settings and also optimise the quality in case if you feel the graphics are higher than your PC standards. Open the game and Enjoy it on Windows or Mac for free. Nox Player Free Windows and Mac. Remix OS Player is heavily optimised for gaming.

How to Set Up your new iPhone 5s - iPhone Hacks

The developers potentially looked onto improving the software more inclined towards gaming. The App has a very clean and fresh interface appealing to the users. The emulator has lots of customisation options for gaming preference letting the users make most out of the Remix OS.

Remix OS Player is the only Android emulator that allows you to play multiple games at the same time. It runs on Android Marshmallow, unlike others who are still stuck to lollipop. Remix OS Player Windows.

The Bluestacks is the most popular Android emulator for Windows and Mac.

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It is one of the more balanced emulators having the right mixture of power, graphics and processing making it the most favourable Android Emulator for PC. Playing PUBG on the Bluestacks will function smoothly as the emulator is capable enough to play high-graphics games. Though it is preferable that your PC has good specs which are capable enough in handling the graphics. Run the App and Enjoy the Game on your computer for Free.

Download Bluestacks Windows and Mac. MEmu is another popular Android Emulator for Windows. It is capable to play high-end games on PC with the condition it has the minimum system requirement for the MEmu Players smooth working.


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